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Committees - The WSFA Board of Directors also serves on the following sub-committees:

Executive Committee:
Mission: Provide organizational direction for the WSFA Board of Directors.   
The executive committee prioritizes issues for the full board to address.

Todd Blaser, President
Barry Kuenkel, Vice President
Ron Hampton, Secretary/Treasurer
Annette Geisler, Executive Secretary

Bylaws /Policy:
Mission:   Maintain consistency in the running of the Wisconsin State 
Firefighters Association. In order to communicate organizational rules so disputes 
and conflict can be avoided.

Doug Rimert
Todd Blaser
Phil Stittleburg
Jeff Halvorsen, Chair

Firefighter Health & Safety
Mission:   Advocate and promote various fire service initiatives.

Chris Klahn, Chair
Doug Reimert
Mike Bourdeau
Barry Kuenkel

Recruitment & Retention:
Mission:  To develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to WSFA and its membership, leading to improved membership, engagement, growth and retention.

Tom Krajnik, Chair
James Hulleman
Chris Klahn
Ron Hampton

Mission: Provide focus, representation and visibility for the Wisconsin State Firefighters Association in advocating legislative issues both State and Federal.

Todd Blaser, Chair
Jeff Halvorsen
Tom Fonfara

Association Lobbyist:
Tom Fonfara

Association Attorney:
Phil Stittleburg