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Featured Department

Cedarburg Fire Department

WSFA Journal Article by Pete Wicklund
Photography by Fred Loomis 

One-Hundred-fifty years ago, members of the fledgling Cedarburg Fire Department paid $2 a year for the privilege of being members of the community's new volunteer fire service - a pretty hefty sum back in 1866.

That sacrifice demonstrated a level of pride, commitment and selflessness that continues to this day in the ranks of the department, which this year is celebrating its sesquicentennial.

To this day Cedarburg firefighters and officers receive no compensation, except for time spent on EMS hospital transports. And most members wouldn't have it any other way. That's demonstrated by the longevity of its members (Cedarburg has had only 10 fire chiefs in its 150 years) and with several multigenerational families on the department.

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