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Ron Hampton

Position: Board Secretary/Treasurer
Term: 2024-2027
Fire Department
Cassville Fire Department
Portrait of Ron Hampton

Ron was elected to the WSFA Board of Directors during the 2011 Convention, replacing a longtime friend from their area, Dallas Millard, who retired. Ron joined the Cassville Fire Department in 2000 and was elected the department secretary in 2001. He is in charge of filing necessary statistical reports and since 2002 has been the grant writer for the department. His work with securing grants has netted the department $326,000. He also serves on the Cassville Harbor Commission. Ron runs a nearly 1,000-acre cash crop farm with his brother and in doing this, relies on knowledge gained while earning a degree in agronomy at the UW-Platteville. Ron and his wife Chantel have 3 children and he’s happy that his election maintains representation on the WSFA for the southwest part of the state.