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Wisconsin State Firefighters Association History

1968 - 1969 

January 27, 1968

First Board Meeting – Wisconsin State Firemen’s Association


3-year terms

  • James Morgan - President
  • John Pavlik – Vice President

2-year terms

  • Charles Conway
  • Rudy Poweleit

1-year terms 

  • Herman Pfund – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Charles Morris

Charter Members:

  • Rudolph Poweleit Gordon Christianson
  • Ralph McGraw Brion Mayer
  • C. J. Moran Wm. G. Oelhafen
  • Kenneth Albers Howard Giesler
  • Charles Conway Lawrence Larkin
  • Les Graff Charles Morris
  • Robert Bertram John Pavlik
  • Charels Rule James W. Morgan
  • Virgil Ploessl Herman Pfund
  • Ardell Braun Edgar Krey
  • Robert Lanigan Gerald Jackelen


June 8, 1968

Decision to have 9 Directors on Board:

  • Lawrence Larkin
  • Leo Dorn
  • Lee Light

June 28, 1969

  1. President Morgan reported that Association is now classed as a non-profit, tax exempt  association.
  2. Dues were $2.00 per member until September 1, 1969 and $3.00 thereafter.
  3. Insurance coverage available for all members

Elected for 3 year terms:

  • Herman Pfund
  • Charles Morris
  •  Lee Light
1970 - 1979 

June 6, 1970

Motion passed to sponsor Poster Contest

  • Only departments who have at least 50% of their men belonging to Association could submit posters.
  • Held at local level and those winners would be submitted to state level
  • Insurance company has offered 3-$100 Savings Bonds as prizesotion made to hold annual meeting after

June 30th at the discretion of Board to allow report of closing of books.

Elected for 3-year terms

  • Leo Dorn
  • Rudy Poweleit
  • Al Dietz 


 June 6, 1971

Re-elected for 3 year term

  • James Morgan,
  • John Pavlik
  • Lawrence Larkin


June 24, 1972

Re-elected for 3-year term

  • Herman Pfund
  • Charles Morris
  • Lee Light 

Dues increased from $3.00 to $4.00

Association sponsored trip to Spain and was very successful.

Elected for 3-year terms

  • Leo Dorn,
  • Al Dietz and
  • Robert Luko


June 1, 1974

Membership now over 5,000


June 7, 1975

Membership now over 6,000

Motion made and passed: 

When a member of the Board of Director reaches the age of 65, he is to be retired from the Board at the end of his term of office, and at the pleasure of the Board of Directors be given a honorary membership on the Board of Directors without voting privileges.  The change to be effective 1975-76.

Elected for 3-year term

  • Ray Priebe
  • Bill Bennett
  • Earl Braun

Held Firefighter of Year Award

Plaques issued to Charlie Morris and Herman Pfund for years of service.

Elected for 3-year terms


  • Tom Lammers
  • Leo Dorn
  • Bob Luko

Elected for 1-year term

  • Bill Blaser
  • Al Ashbeck


April 16, 1977

Dues increased to $6.00

Elected for 3-year terms

  • Bill Blaser
  • Al Ashbeck
  • Earl Braun


1978 – Missing


February 24, 1979

Dues increased to $10.00

Executive Secretary James Morgan Resigned

Re-elected for 3-year terms

  • Leo Dorn
  • Tom Lamers and
  • Robert Luko

Following Amendment Passed:

         Article V


         Section I

         The membership may from time to time, by a vote of a majority present at a regular or

special meeting, adopt, amend or repeal any or all of the bylaws of this corporation

provided said proposed bylaw change or changes are published in the corporations

newsletter or magazine thirty days prior to any regular or special meeting.

            Section II

            The membership may from time to time, by a vote of two-thirds present, adopt, amend or

repeal any or all of the bylaws of this corporation.


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